Schedule Poker Games with your Friends on HomeGame Poker

At HomeGame Poker, we’re committed to making it easy to play poker with your friends online. That’s why we have no downloads, no club setup, and no rakes. 
We wanted to make it even more convenient to get your poker night together. So now you have the option to schedule a game and send out calendar invitations to your friends to make sure everybody is available to play. 
To schedule your game, begin by creating a game. Enter your game settings, then click “schedule a game for later”. On the appointment screen, fill in the date, start time, and your friends’ email addresses. Click “schedule & get game link”. We’ll email you and your friends a calendar invitation that you can integrate with any major calendar software.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your friends’ emails offhand or if the details might change. You can always change the calendar in your calendar tool later, and those changes will be sent out to all the attendees. 
We hope this new functionality makes it even simpler to get your weekly poker night going again! Drop us a line at for all your feedback about this and upcoming features!

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