In-Game Video Chat is Here

When we started building HomeGame Poker, the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to unfold, and we were looking for a way to keep playing our weekly games with friends. Nothing can replace the simple pleasure of feeling the texture of your cards or the weight of your chips before a big bet. But today, we are taking a giant step towards recreating the experience of sitting face to face with your friends at the table.
We’re excited to announce the release of our new in-game video chat feature! Ditch the headache of managing multiple screens to use Zoom while playing poker. Jump into a game, send the game link to your friends, and launch video directly at the table. Your friends will appear around the table with the click of a button. Time to start working on masking your tells again…
Along with the video release, we’ve reworked the UI to support more screen sizes and prevent issues that made playing on mobile or tablets difficult. More UI improvements coming soon…
Good luck, Matt

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