Hello world!

We love poker. Our friends love poker too.

Earlier this year, we tried to move our regular poker night online since we couldn’t play in person. We were amazed how difficult it was to find a place to play online poker with our friends for free. We weren’t looking to jump into games with a bunch of strangers, we just wanted to get everyone together again and do what we did at our friend’s house – a simple game of Texas Hold’em.

We found play money sites to be just as difficult. Many required setting up a club and having friends wait for admin approval – we wanted joining games to be easier than that. We found the process of downloading clients to play poker to be annoying and made it difficult to get everybody on the platform. Table rakes made figuring out who won and by how much almost impossible Tallying up the chips at the end of the game ended up being a chore relegated to who we assumed was the biggest loser.

We figured that there’s only one guaranteed way to get exactly what you’re looking for – build it ourselves. So, we did that. In March 2020, HomeGame Poker was born.

HGP is the place to play free, simple online poker. Everything is set up to make it as similar as possible to a poker night at your friend’s place. No table rake, no cash upload, and the same custom rules you like to play with at home.

We’ve got big plans for HomeGame Poker and a lot of features we’re hoping to roll out in the next couple of months. Game scheduling, video chat and other awesome options are on their way. We’re happy to finally have a place to play poker with our friends the way we want to. We’re excited to be part of your poker nights too.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback shoot us a note at support@homegamepoker.com. Can’t wait to play with you soon! 

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