In-Game Video Chat is Here

When we started building HomeGame Poker, the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to unfold, and we were looking for a way to keep playing our weekly games with friends. Nothing can replace the simple pleasure of feeling the texture of your cards or the weight of your chips before a big bet. But today, we are taking… Continue reading In-Game Video Chat is Here

Schedule Poker Games with your Friends on HomeGame Poker

At HomeGame Poker, we’re committed to making it easy to play poker with your friends online. That’s why we have no downloads, no club setup, and no rakes. We wanted to make it even more convenient to get your poker night together. So now you have the option to schedule a game and send out calendar invitations to… Continue reading Schedule Poker Games with your Friends on HomeGame Poker

Hello world!

We love poker. Our friends love poker too. Earlier this year, we tried to move our regular poker night online since we couldn’t play in person. We were amazed how difficult it was to find a place to play online poker with our friends for free. We weren’t looking to jump into games with a… Continue reading Hello world!